From 31st July to 10th August 2014

The making of Worlds - version I

Exhibition at Photobastei, Zurich

The making of Worlds - version I

Avril 2014


visual & sound installation


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Openshow Switzerland #13


F-STOP Group exhibition #58

33 Horizons @ Fototazo

During the evening OPEN SHOW Switzerland #13, September 19 at 7 PM, at the Art & Culture center la Ferme-Asile in Sion, I will be present to talk with you around my new video Fragments.

I was walking along the path. An old lady approached me. I've recorded some of her words...

One photograph from the series 33 Horizons, featured in the gallery section of Fototazo.

October 2012

October 2012

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Treasure Island

33 Horizons overview

Six people in one small room, book

Looking at a photograph consists in identifying, on a physical medium, forms and signs. These elements take on a meaning only when we connect them to our own experiences.

What can you see? What does it represent? Which meaning does it have for you? (...)

To rent

Soon after I came to Switzerland, I was puzzled by the idea of a country hemmed in by Europe, without any direct access to the sea. I wanted to collect in a catalogue landscapes evoking a sense of isolation. So I left to photograph places located along the border. However, (...)

Published on the occasion of a workshop with Böhm/Kobayashi in cooperation with Le Bal Books and Publish it Yourself

With images by Karin Crona, Hanna Darabi, Michela Palermo, Sandra Schmalz, Noel Manalili, Damien Sivier